If you wish to participate in the summer reading challenge, there are a few guidelines that will help you to be successful.

Visit Where the Wildcats Read, the blog, once each week during the summer and tell us about what you are reading.  Then reply to at least one of your friend's comments.

We welcome positive comments and feedback.  We ask that you kindly refrain from negative comments or criticism.  This blog is a place to encourage and promote literacy.  We are all learning, and we may be at different places along that journey.

When commenting, please include your first name, last initial, the grade you will be entering in the fall, and the title of the book that you are reading. (Example:  Fern Z., Grade 3, Charlotte's Web)  To earn credit for your response, you must include this information.

When replying to a friend's post, please include your first name, last initial, and grade.

For safety reasons, comments will be reviewed and approved before they are visible on the blog. Therefore, you will not see your comment right away.

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