Q:  How long does my blog comment have to be?
A:  Your blog comment should be more than one sentence.  Strive for a paragraph!

Q:  Where do I find ideas for my reading response?
A:  Suggested reading response questions are located under the tab labeled "Getting Started".

Q:  Can I create my own questions to answer?
A:  Definitely!  You can also write a summary.

Q:  I'm having trouble publishing my comment.  What am I doing wrong?
A:  You may need to change the "Comment As" setting to "Anonymous" in order to publish your comment.  Then click on the blue "Publish" button to submit your response.

Q:  Why can't I see the comment that I wrote?
A:  Your comment must be approved by a teacher before it will appear on the blog.  It may take time for your comment to be approved.
*Note: If your comment did not follow the commenting guidelines, it may have been deleted.

Q:  I missed commenting on a weekly blog post.  Is it too late for me to comment?
A:  No. You can find the past blog posts on the right-hand side of the blog. Just click on the week that you missed and add your comment.

Q:  Do I get a reward for participating?
A:  Students who blog at least once each week this summer will be invited to a special Wildcat celebration.

If you have a question that was not answered, contact Mrs. Arentz.

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